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China x Reader: Chopstick Troubles
Wang Yao
The crease of your brow deepened as you watched the man sitting across from you. He was laughing at you, and it was all the more irritating because a small part of you liked it. You liked the way his amber eyes sparkled with mirth, you delighted in the soft dimple of his cheek, and you positively adored the rich quality which his laughter held. You were undoubtedly and irreversibly head over heels for the oriental man, and yet he had the gall to sit there and not only watch you suffer, but gain considerable entertainment from it.
“Are you quite done, Yao?”
“I-I’m Sorry aru, but you’re too cute!” At this your lip protruded in a sour pout which seemed only to encourage your friend. He squealed in delight at your display, and all at once you found yourself half pulled off your chair and gathered up into his arms like a rag doll.
“This is not cute, it’s infuriating! How on earth do you manage to eat anything
:iconinsanityvixen:InsanityVixen 212 54
the art of hateflirting [ prussia x reader ]
The Art of Hateflirting
there is one f-bomb mention in here, so be warned....
// six years old //

"Give it back, Gilly!"
"Not a chance, (f/n)!"
Frustrated and exhausted, (f/n) bent down with her hands on her knees, pausing her sprint and catching her breath. She tilted her head, letting the seven year old albino see her scowl and her narrowed (e/c) eyes. (F/n) saw Gilbert slow into a jog and turn around, flashing her a mischievous grin and a glint of trouble in his ruby irises.
He raised his hand to show (f/n) the heart shaped locket of hers that he'd snatched. Gilbert held it by the tip of the silver heart charm, the chain dangling menacingly.
"Come on and get it, saumensch!"
(F/n) straightened up and decided to mimic Gilbert, sticking out her tongue and saying, "Not a chance, saukerl!"
Gil faked an expression of hurt, his hand flying over his heart.
"(F/n), I'm wounded!" he exclaimed dramatically, the back of his hand going to his forehead.
:iconangelus-colours:angelus-colours 231 25
Prussia x Reader: Awesome Step-Siblings
Gilbert Beilschmidt
(I was never really happy with this fic, so I've re-written it! The main plot has remained fundamentally unchanged, I just wanted to beef out the relationship between Gilbert and the reader a little more, so I've done just that. I hope you guys like this new and improved version, because I certainly prefer it!)
Scowling at the clock wasn’t going to improve your situation, but you did it anyway. The way the little metal hand ticked methodically around the numbered disk was really starting to get on your nerves. The mechanics seemed to be mocking you, counting down your final seconds of freedom as they rapidly diminished before your eyes.
“__________!” A voice hollered from the kitchen “Are you ready? Everyone will be here soon!”
“Yeah.” You replied flatly. It wasn’t as if you needed reminding of your regretful position. Family reunions weren’t all bad; you could deal with the mirthful uncles and fussy a
:iconinsanityvixen:InsanityVixen 401 42
Mature content
Denmark X Reader ~ Gimme More [lemon] :iconamaranthbreakdown:AmaranthBreakdown 704 175
Fearless Ch 17 TheAllies x Assassin!Reader
You stood in utter shock as Mathias cocked the gun in his hand.
"Very funny Mat, now put the gun down." you said slowly. A pained look spread across his face. You felt tears threaten you eyes. "Mat...?"
"I told you I'm sorry...But your gonna have to come with me." he pressed the barrel harder to your head.
You snarled at him. Like hell you would go down that easy! You quickly grabbed your knife from the sheath and attempted to stab him. But, he grabbed your arm and pulled it far behind your back.
"______! I don't want to hurt you!" you ignored him and stepped on his foot hard and kicked his knees backwards. You heard him grunt and shove you to the ground. you screamed as you felt your shoulder pop out of place. He winced but straddled your waist and pinned you under him. Mathias grabbed a nearby cord and knotted your wrists together tightly. You spit right in his eye.
"Why the hell Mathias!" you cried. He had been your friend since you guys started high school. You trusted him and he k
:iconylime-cxii:ylime-cxii 169 108
JapanxMonolingual!Reader - Opposites Attract
“Kiku, how do you say, ‘How are you?’”
Kiku looked at his friend and replied calmly, “‘Ogenkidesuka?’”
_____ nodded in comprehension and glanced around her for a moment, adjusting her grip on her suitcase.
Kiku mentally raised an eyebrow at her. “_____-kun, why did you ask me what ‘How are you?’ meant if you were not going to ask anyone?”
She shrugged. “I dunno. Just curious.”
A small smile, barely visible, crawled across Kiku’s face as he turned his attention forward. “I am glad that you were able to come with me to visit my relatives. . .but I did not expect to be your translator.”
_____ chuckled sheepishly. “Yeah, sorry about that.”
“No need to apologize, _____-kun.”
She smiled. “Well, I’m glad that I could come, even if I can’t speak your language.”
Kiku’s smile grew slightly. He led his friend through the crowded streets
:iconravens-of-rome:Ravens-of-Rome 68 25
EstoniaxShy!Reader - Solve for 'I'
I stared blankly at the chicken-scratch my math teacher was writing on the board, blinking and furrowing my brows in confusion. Why the heck were there so many variables in just one problem?! And where did that “5” come from?! Was she trying to give me a headache?
I looked down at my notes, which took up almost two full pages, and tried to figure out how to work the example problems. I examined the dang things but only succeeded in confusing myself even more. I was just about to raise my hand when the lunch bell rang. My teacher had lunch duty, so she quickly hauled out of the room with her Lean Cuisine.
I sighed and gathered my things together, my mind still attempting to solve the equations I had written down. I was in such a hurry to get out of the classroom that I bumped into someone, causing me to drop my books and him to drop his bag.
“Ah, sorry!” I said, keeping my head down.
“No,” he said. “It’s alright.” He bent down
:iconravens-of-rome:Ravens-of-Rome 195 47
Seven Minutes in Heaven-Denmark
"_______ got Matthias!" Alfred yelled out, getting an equally loud shout from the other side of the room. "Awesome!" Said person came bombing over to you. Alfred, Gilbert and he were known as the 'Awesome Trio' and you could see why.
In your hand, you held that signature black hat that he always wore. But you saw that he obviously wasn't planning on wearing it at this party.
His hair was spiked up in such a way, if he headbutted someone, there would a serious injury. He was also wearing a bright red shirt, coupled with a black leather jacket and black skinny jeans. He wore black and white checkered baseball boots as well. He leaned against Alfred, speaking to him for a moment, getting a laugh from the American. "Yeah all right." He said, winking at you. You got suspicious then, what was the Dane planning?
He took your hand surprisingly gently and led you in to the closet, closing the door instantly and nipping at your neck. You let out a surprised squeak as his hands rested themselves
:iconilluminati-genius:Illuminati-genius 309 70
Denmark x Reader Seven Minutes in Heaven
Let me just say....dat picture...that is all.
...a tiny hat.
"Ah, ____! I see you got me! The King of Northern Europe!" Mathias yelled out, taking another swig of beer before walking over to you.
'Way to much self-esteem in this guy." You thought. Mathias took the tiny hat and put it on the side of his head. Which, made you surprised at how it didn't fall off.
"Shall we?" He said, opening the door for you. You walked in, not noticing Mathias high-fiving Alfred and Gilbert.
"Kesesese, Seven minutes, liebhaber." Gilbert said, closing the door.
"Hey, ____?" Mathias said, sitting next to you.
"Hm?" You said, looking at him.
"Do you want to learn Danish?" He asked.
'What? No, no, no. You know Mathias, ____! It's a trick!' Your conscience said.
"Sure." You said, without thinking.
'Idiot.' You conscience responded.
"Hej. It means hello." Mathias said.
"Hej." You replied.
"Now, farvel. Meaning farewell or bye."
"Jeg elsker kongen a
:iconcrazycoco007:crazycoco007 361 155
Spin the Bottle (Germany x reader)
(Random girl name here) stood shivering like a lovesick puppy looking at the bottle, then at Francis.
“Is she ok?” Arthur murmured you shrugged.
Francis grinned as he sauntered over to a quivering girl.
He gave her a rather intense French kiss, she froze, and just stood there before fainting, Francis caught her in that romantic way they do in movies.
She came to for a second and stared at him for a second, then fainted again, He grinned.
“Typical reaction”
He picked her up and carried her away bridal style.
“Shouldn’t someone chaperone?” you asked, Japan was already hurrying after Francis.
There was a pause and you heard Francis
“Aww you’re no fun!” pouting, Francis stomped back into the room, Kiku close behind. (No I don’t think Francis is a rapist! I just put that in here)
“Your turn Ludwig” Alfred said brightly, Ludwig grumbled.
“I don’t know why I play your stupid games” he knelt down an
:iconmoonbladethebook:moonbladethebook 1,028 725
Spin the Bottle (Norway x reader)
“Lukas… Lukas, come on, pay attention” he wasn’t instead he was sitting cross-legged on the floor, talking to something that was supposedly perched on his finger. Arthur was sitting next to him.
They both laughed,
“You have a gift for the comedic, your highness!” Arthur said
“Oy! Lukas it your turn” America shouted Lukas sent him an annoyed look
“I’m sorry your majesty” he told the invisible apparition on his finger “but the petty duties of the mere mortal call”
Arthur knelt down and held out his own finger “may I have the honor?” he asked respectfully.
You grinned; although you couldn’t see this odd guest, you had perfect faith in Lukas and Arthur. If they said there was a fairy princess talking with them, a fairy princess was talking with them.
You and Lukas were the best of friends, even though you were beginning to fall for him. He had been acting odd lately ‘love’ Ukraine h
:iconmoonbladethebook:moonbladethebook 423 156
Spin the Bottle (Switzerland x reader)
Vash cast a suspicious glance towards Alfred.
“This isn’t going to cost me anything is it?” Alfred rolled his eyes
“No! For heaven’s sake this is a party at least try to pretend you’re having fun. This game won’t cost anything!” Vash cautiously inched towards the circle
“Except maybe your dignity” Alfred added under his breath.
“Nothing, nothing…”
Vash took his place and you sent him a weak smile, which he tried and failed to return. You wished he wasn’t such a recluse you liked him a lot and tried to make friends but it was a bit weird since the first time you had seen him was when he was chasing you off his territory, cursing, and brandishing a gun.
He warmed up to you when you found Lichtenstein lost in the grocery store and helped her find him. So you were friends, in an unofficial way.
“You first Vash!” Vash slowly scanned the circle; he stopped when he found you. H
:iconmoonbladethebook:moonbladethebook 602 576
Mature content
NorwayxReader: Let's Take A Shower :iconfawniex3:Fawniex3 487 125
Hetalia Groups, Trio's, Duo's
Austro-Hungarian Empire Group:
Czech Republic
Asia Family:
Hong Kong
South Korea
Axis Power:
Cross Necklace:
Empire Group:
Germanic Language Family:
Hanatama Family:
House of Savoy:
Kirkland Family:
New Zealand
Hong Kong
Non Nation:
Hong Kong
Nordic 5:
:iconmizu1993:Mizu1993 282 230
Hetalia Human Names (2ptalia + Nyotalia included!)
( America ) Alfred F. Jones
( Fem!America ) Amelia E. Jones
( Australia ) Jett Kirkland
( Fem!Austria ) Jilli Kirkland
( Austria ) Roderich Edelstein
( Fem!Austria ) Anneliese Edelstein
( Belarus ) Natalya Arlovskaya
( Male!Belarus ) Nikolai Arlovski
( Belgium ) Bella Maes
( Male!Belgium ) Beau Maes
( Canada ) Matthew Williams
( Fem!Canada ) Madeline Williams
( China ) Wang Yao
( Fem!China ) Wang Chun-Yan
( Cuba ) Máximo Juan Machado
( Fem!Cuba ) Mariposa Machado
( Denmark ) Matthias Køhler
( Fem!Denmark ) Mette Køhler
( Egypt ) Gupta Muhammad Hassan
( Fem!Egypt ) Gulshan Muhammad Hassan
( England ) Arthur Kirkland  
( Fem!England ) Alice Kirkland
( Estonia ) Eduard von Bock
( Fem!Estonia ) Edith von Bock
( Finland ) Tino Väinämöinen
( Fem!Finland ) Tiina Väinämöinen
( France ) Francis Bonnefoy
( Fem!France ) Françoise Bonnefoy
( Greece ) Heracles Karpusi
( Fem!Greece ) Helice Karpusi
( W. Germany ) Ludwig Beilschmidt
( Fem!W. Germ
:iconothelle:Othelle 132 44
My Princess:: Forgotten! Reader X Hetalia Chapter3
You stopped at the nearest bathroom and locked yourself inside. You closed your eyes and began counting to ten trying to control your breathing.
Why had I ran away? It wasn't as if they remembered me or anything. Feliciano just needed to go to the library and Ludwig just so happened to open the door.
But it didn't feel like any ordinary occurrence. Ever since you found that scarf those four boys have been looking at you funny or somehow getting involved with you. You began to blush at the memory of how close Feliciano's face to yours, and how beautiful the color of his eyes were. You shook your head trying to banish the thought of them out of your mind.
You gripped your scarf and unraveled it from your neck. "The only way that things are going to return back to normal is if I get rid of this stupid scarf."  You unlocked the bathroom and began heading towards the library. The only way to get to the roof of the school was through the library.
Hopefully Feliciano and Ludwig will be g
:iconmiggytalia:miggytalia 44 19


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